Family Meals as a Bonding Experience

Having a family dinner together at night is important for bonding as a family and child development. Family dinner conversations allow children an opportunity to practice much-needed social and communication skills. Studies actually show that kids who regularly have family meals perform better academically. 

As great as family meals can be, they can also present challenges. Children may be picky eaters or might be reluctant to engage in conversations. Through games and family traditions, parents can encourage their children to participate and make mealtimes a positive experience for everyone.

A problem that can arise with picky eaters is that they will not even look at their food. Parents can face this head-on by helping children engage with mealtime in a fun way. Try reading books that incorporate new foods and then prepare the new food as a snack. 

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Helping Your Child Cope with Changes This Holiday Season

For many families, this holiday season is shaping up to be unlike anything we’ve experienced before. With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to force people to keep their distance, there’s a good chance that you may not be spending Christmas as you typically would. Perhaps you’ll be staying home instead of visiting with relatives as you usually would. These changes can be particularly tough on young children, but there are ways you can help them cope with the changes.

Instead of telling your child that you’re waiting to see how things will work out, start making plans now. Having a plan in advance can allow your child to feel more secure and give them time to accept the changes and ask any questions they may have can ease their worries. 

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